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[fan account] A Moment with ZE:A
Wednesday, December 23, 2015 | 8:05 PM | 0 comments

another fan account..erkkkk again....it might be such an eyesore to you because of the usage of the words and grammar mistakes yang bersepah-sepah~ lewlz! xD
[FA] a moment with ze:a
This was the craziest thing i’ve ever done as a kpoper~
We went to sunway lagoon after wani unnie’s friend told her that ze:a was there… We arrived around 2pm i think…fyi ze:a was there from 1:15pm until 4:30pm… we waited for them outside the entrance gate of sunway lagoon for almost 3 hours!! T^T
around 4pm something…i saw a van…yes! that’s their van~ so, me and aisyah unnie quickly run and wait in front of the souvenir shop’s door (because they came out from there)…haaa kami 6 ketul jaa ze:a’s yg tunggu kt luar tu…lucky! >___< ze:a’s lain ada gak laa tpi diorang kt dalam sunway lagi masa tuu~
dang! i saw kevin! he was expressionless =_= then i saw taeheon~~ i wanna scream but i am a ze:a’s with a good manner~ (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) so, i just stay calm and wait~ uhoh!! taeheon saw us!! i smiled…he smiled! he waved at us! ;;; we looked at each other for almost a minute(?)..i guess…haha seyes lama…ㅋㅋㅋ
kevin came out first… omg kevin you’re so granpa…why you no smile?!! me not lying! kevin was so expressionless…but he did looked at us when we called his name… ok..dimaafkan.. haha..after kevin, taeheon came out, he just smiled…awww this oppa never loses his smile~ senyum je laa kan…masa kt dalam kedai tuu pun dah semangat lelambai kitorang~ haha ^^ then, hyungsik came out…we called his name..he looked at us…we said bye2..he smiled….dongjun came out after that…so cantik *0* dongjun’s skin is flawless….ㅋㅋㅋ~ we called his name..he looked at us and smiled~ uhuhuu comey dia senyum~ >///< then small oppa siwan came out…we called his name…he smiled and waved at us~ ahahaha siwan oppa serabai gila~ XD tpi still comel… heechul oppa was missing in action…i didn’t saw him because the guard tolak2 me at that time T^T pak guard jahat~! then we run (jalan lelaju jerr) towards their van…but i realized minwoo oppa still inside…so, i stop…then i saw his red cap! he came out…we called him~ huhu minwoo smiled when he saw us…but…if not because of the staff noona and that rude guard, minwoo already shake hand with us..because he’s coming to us T^T but never mind…i had an eye-contact with minwoo for a few seconds…maybe almost a minute~…uhuhuuu i cry~~ said bye2 to him and he smiled and waved at us… haaaa
then! something happened! Kevin get into the wrong bus! pohahaha their van is in front of that bus~ xDD disebabkan kevin seketul, adik2 yg lain pon follow je masuk bas..padahal diorang kne naik van..bukan bas~ pohahaha xDD dgn muka x bersalah, Kevin oppa pun turun laa dari bas tuu…mke sikit pon x senyum~ huhu kitorang gelak2 jer tgk diorang~ kekeke xD
All the members get into the van and hyungsik who was sitting at the back waved at us…so nice… >.< but staff noona came and knocked the window…ordered them to close the curtain… hurrr…
but! our moment with ze:a is not coming to an end yet~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ while they’re settling down their stuff…we walked to the exit way and wait there… as soon as their van move…we waved our hands…with hope that they will see us…we know they can’t see us because they closed the curtain already..but we dun care~ lelambai je suka2 hati~ hahaha xD and then! kyaa! one of them open the curtain! i was like…omg the curtain was opened! suspected member who opened that curtain is….minwoo~ haha and luckily..the driver took the wrong way which means…the van gonna passed by us for the second time! >.< ahaha~ so, as soon as the van move and approaching us…we waved at the van non-stop..and dang!! yes! T^T minwooppa….he waved at us… ;;;; minwooppa so sweet…i cried ;;;; my bias so sweet…
-the end- 

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[fan account] ZE:A FANSIGN EVENT 121110
| 7:59 PM | 0 comments

I've been missing ZEA9 these past few days..I.REALLY.MISS.THEM.
listening to their songs is not helping at all...that makes me miss them even moreee~~~

and today when I was lurking in my tumblr yang sudah bersawang...I found my FA back then when I went to their fansign event in Malaysia in 2012 ... *crying in korean*

below is the FA...I didn't change any words...just ctrl+c and ctrl+v it...so it would be such an eyesore to you if you're a grammar nazi...cuz you might see lots of grammar mistake here~ lewlz! xD

-please excuse my broken engrishhh~^^-
The fansign started around 5pm(?)…so  we queued and got our poster…the poster is kinda big… ½ of my height…pohahaha~ XD
THE BOYS CAME OUT!!! FANGIRLS… ALL SCREAMING LIKE CRAJYEAHH~~..I saw Kevin…amagat! feel like crying… T^T sobs~ but I hold my tears… malu laa nak nanges kt situ~ =P kekeke  jerit kuat2 pon bukannya zea dengar… so I stop screaming.. hahaaa
Finally! It’s my turn! Felt damn nervous…my hands were so cold like ice woo~ x tipu~ huhu ketaq lutut toksah cakap laa kan~ XD
Me in front of Kevin…*still shaking*…. “hi~!”, said Kevin while smiling so brightly~ T^T //comey gigi arnab// I said hi while waving2 my hand…he signing the poster slowly…waiting for me to say something I guess…but nahh..i didn’t say anything~ I was fckin speechless T^T …he’s done and he looked at me…our eyes met! @_@ *nak pengsan…kacak sangat!* “thank you for coming”, he said while smiling showing his rabbit teeth… “ahh..응!”, I said while nodding and smiling…then I say bye2 and move to Kwanghee…
When I approached Kwanghee, he smiled showing his white teeth…he didn’t say anything…just smile…I said hi to him but he didn’t reply me…aigoo~ so focus signing the poster huh…then I said, “Kwanghee…….”, …I stop…because I lost for words… suddenly idk what to say to him. When he’s done…he looked at me..awkwardly..i can feel the awkwardness… =_=” then I said bye2 to him bcuz I have to move to the next person…
Next is Siwan!! He’s so small >.< obvious laa kan…tpi seyes kicik ja siwan oppa~ ^^ haha small siwan said, “Apa khabar?” excitedly and he keep smiling…//so cute!! // I replied, “네~ Apa khabar~~ ^^”…when he’s done, he looked at me and smiled again…I said thank you and move to Minwoo!!! >.<
So…I am now in front of Heechul…he signed the poster right after minwoo passed it to him…at the same time, I heard biha unnie who was behind me said “minwoo kawaii”…I quickly butt in and said, “진짜 kawaii~” *showed him thumbs up sign* then minwoo laughed and I heard he said something to siwan..something like.. “they don’t speak Malay language..”…lol I was about to laugh but then I realized about the existence of a Heechul there OTL … so, I quickly looked at him and said, “ahhhaa hi~” while waving2 my hands and smiled… //felt guilty bcuz i ignored him// but glad that he still gave me a smile…huhu dun hate me heechul oppo~ >.<
Now it’s Hyungsik’s turn to sign the poster! amagat this guy so 반짝반짝!!@_@!! I was kinda amazed for a second~ hahaha he said hi while smiling so brightly! //T^T he’s dem cute I cry//… I replied hi too~~ and while he’s signing the poster, I said, “우리는 동갑이요!”…he quickly replied, “same age?!”..i nodded… and he said, “ohh!! ok FRIEND!!” *dia hulur tangan* asdfghjklasdfghyjuk amagat…handshake?!!@_@!! Within a second I think of a way how to refuse but Idk what to do anymore… so I thought I’ll just hi-5 him…yeah only hi-5…but, when I am about to hi-5 him he grabbed and hold my hand tightly…T^T //criessss// but luckily dah prepare awal2…lengan baju aku tarik2 labuhkan sampai x nmpak tangan be4 naik stage tuu~ fuhhh~~ berpeluh-peluh aku weii… haha  XD hyungsik and me are friend! Hyungsik approved~ lol
Move to Taeheon… tbh nothing special happened between me and taeheon..  I  just said hi~ and waving2 hands and smiled..and so did him…keke XD but one thing that I like about Taeheon is…he never loses his smile…^^ oppa cool~ haha
Lastly! It’s Dongjun’s turn! Excitedly I said,” DONGJUN!!”… ohh..I was too excited at that time so,I called his name so loud…kekeke he looked kinda surprised and he laughed at me… //he laughed adorably// but…he’s too cute till i couldn’t think of anything…and  I was like aaaaaaa~~~ dongjun!! aaaaeeuuuuummmmmmaaaaahhhhhhhuhaaaaa dongjunnnn~~~~ …then he said “don’t cry…”…LOL he thought I cried…hahahahaha seriously… I dunno what I am saying… XDD
End of fansign session… I went out from that hall and heading to the lift….suddenly eyes are teary… I can’t hold my tears anymore…I cried in the lift… sobs! I’ve been waiting for 2 years…and finally I got to meet them! Tears of happiness can’t stop flowing~ pohahaha dun laugh at me please~ =P

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Just because...
Friday, December 11, 2015 | 1:48 PM | 2 comments


I'm finally here again. Just because...I have to write something...I have to let my "jejak kasih with Rion Five" post go down SO THAT SOMEONE CAN MOVE ON! *laughing in korean*

So...what's up? 

Actually I wanted to post about my trip to Jakarta but it is still in the draft list...I only write the title though...hahahahahaha nampak tak ke-busy-an yg menimpa diriku ini...even if I have some free time after work, I can't even touch the keyboard and start writing...because I choose to sleep over anything else. ICYMI, I'm such a sleepyhead~ maka kurang bernasib baiklah bakal hasben saya nanti~ hahahahahaha but daijoubu daijoubu! akan ku gagahkan untuk tidak kuat tidur~ hahahahahaha

It's the second day in this month I didn't go to work not in my day off. #eh awat rasa ayat ini pelik? hahahaa apa-apa je laa kan.. but yesss... I didn't go to work today and yesterday as well. No, I'm not malingering XD but i feel like I'm malingering now because I don't really feel sick(?) right now...

anyway...it's baby Reo bday today... lol! remember him? yes..that Reo...baby Reo...Leo...Reo.. LOL I found something on his bday. LOL chenta monyet blerghhhh hahahaha so he has a girlfriend who is also a dancer and hello guyssss you're just 15! XDDD hahahaha no I'm not being emotional because he has a lover...I already expected that... but...oh well... may your relationship last longer~ and Happy Birthday dear~ *tryin to be sincere as sincere as I can be* hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 

[fan account] Jejak Kasih with RIONFIVE
Sunday, September 13, 2015 | 9:46 AM | 2 comments

Long story short..In the middle of performance from Indonesia delegation, one of the crew asked us to come out from the VIP area and I was kinda clueless for a moment. Once I heard she said "backstage", the nervousness I felt is no joke! So we ran to the backstage area. Once we entered the waiting room (it's more like refugee camp tho) other crews applauded and I was like WHAT IS THIS?? Supposedly we're going to interview RION FIVE, but suddenly the crews were like spazzing and congratulating us because we finally met RiPa.. whut? This is a fanmeet or interview session? and what makes me confuse even more is RiPa stand in front of us, with complete outfit, like they're ready for an interview. I was lost for words at that moment. LOL I'm not joking! Six tall and handsome guys in front of me...rest in peace my soul! hahaha Then, Fai introduced herself and I'm just stoned there.. when Fai said her name is Fai, Minjae was like... oh! On twitter! RION FAI. I know her. Spontaneously I shouted "Hai!" *yes in Nihongo * xD idk. I started to feel jumpy at that time because Minjae recognize Fai and I started to talk with the boys as well. Fai told them that we've prepare something for them and the boys getting excited. I was so nervous at that time since I hold the gift bag and the notes I prepared for interview was in the bag! Clumsily, I took out the notes and gave the bag to Fai. Fai gave the bag to the boys and they took out everything from the bag like a bunch of happy kids unwrapped their Christmas gift. They saw the chibi RiPa stickers we put on the gift box and Minjae gave thumbs up sign. The leader, Royoon feel so touched (maybe) and said, "we have to work harder"... I really feel like hugging them at that time.. but LOL! No, thanks. I will work harder as your fan too, leader-nim! I promise!:) Then, Yuseong took my ugly drawing out of the bag and he was kinda shocked to see it. I told them that drawing is the very first drawing I ever drew. I never draw something like that and I even coloured the drawing. I never did that before, seriously. So the boys appreciated it a lot. Fai asked them to guess who is who in the drawing. They guessed correctly except for Taewoo... lol to be honest, the character in the drawing doesn't looks like Taewoo at all and I feel sorry to him. I'm not so good in such thing. I can't draw well. When the boys were busy guessing who is who, Junghyun suddenly pointed to one of the character in the drawing and said, Me? while pointed to himself. I was like.. yeahh you recognize yourself.. tbh the one that Junghyun pointed out is supposed to be Taewoo's, but the character looks more like Junghyun. So, I decided to alter the real Junghyun to be Taewoo... and that's how Taewoo's character doesn't looks like Taewoo himself. I'm sorry again, Taewoo. Junghyun then gave me thumbs up! Yuseong said I drew it well. //LOL NO!// hahahaha then, Junghyun keep trying to hold my hand...like... a brother who wanted to play with his lil sister? Lol seriously I'm so shocked with his action. He keep trying to have skinship with me! ROFL! Then, suddenly I told them that I did the subtitle for their obs interview. Yuseong was clueless because I speak English. So, I switched to Korean mode. And they're like impressed with what I did. Lol idek why I told them about that. Hahahaha then, Fai told them that she's an English teacher and I'm a Korean teacher. The boys seems shocked and they said they have such great fans! Hahaha thanks RiPa. Then, one of the members (I can't remember who) said it would be good if they can meet us often. I then replied in Korean, yes...would be great if we can meet RiPa often... Junghyun seems shocked when I speak Korean. He told me that my Korean is good. I replied, "yea...because I learn it." then he said, "I love you" to me. Lolololol are you trying to flirt with me now? Hahahaha ofc I said, "I love you too" to him back. Then suddenly, one of the crew told the boys that tomorrow is Fai's birthday! So the boys sang birthday song to Fai excitedly and I think it's the best birthday ever for Fai. I was just watching them singing while jumping in front of Fai. If I was at her place, I prolly will cry I swear! Hahahahahhaa she deserve this kind of fanservice from RiPa. She deserved it. So it's time to end the "jejak kasih" with RiPa. So, we took a group photo with RiPa and thank them for spent some time to meet us. I feel so thankful to one of the Sipa crews because she really really really want me and Fai to meet RiPa in person since we have come all the way from Malaysia. We didn't expect such treatment but they treat us very well. Thank you so much! Before we leave the backstage, the manager gave us RiPa autographed album! Feeling touched again. Hahahahaha we went outside and thank every crew who help us to meet RiPa. Then, I saw Minjae at the entrance. He wanted to get some fresh air I guess...because he took off his jacket. I told Fai that Minjae was there and I shouted his name. I'm not sure he wave at us or not at this moment. Lol can't remember what had happen exactly. We're still outside the "backstage" tent, talking with the crews and this time Kangsan appeared. We wave at him and he wave at us back. Few minutes later, Yuseong appeared at the entrance and he was so jumpy! He was like dancing happily at the entrance. Lol kid please...why so cute?! XD
So we went back to our vip seat. I still can't process what had happen a while ago. Still in disbelief... my hands my feet my whole body still shaking and I keep questioning Fai what happened just now? Hahahahahaa Fai said, DON'T ASK! LOL we're both confused. XD
It's RiPa's turn to perform. It took me a while to adjust the camera because I'm still shaking. So glad that RiPa has to perform dduk dduk dduk again because there's something wrong with the minus one. They supposed to sing dduk dduk dduk but the music switched to I cry during Kangsan's part. XD
I swear I feel like crying when they're performing on the stage... because it's one of my goal to see them sing live! T.T wish granted! I want to cry even more when I listen to Minjae's voice. huhuuu I told Fai that I just realized when we met RiPa, I don't dare to look at Minjae's eyes. I usually will act like that to the person who I like the most. I said my bias is Yuseong... but I can talk to him normally.. but not with Minjae. T.T I like Minjae actually? lol my kokoro is confuse. XD
One of the crew told Fai that after the performance, RiPa told them that they saw me and Fai but we sat too far away... OMG BOYS THANK YOU FOR LOOKING FOR US! XD I got the feeling that their eyes were like looking for someone when they're performing. So they're actually looking for us! Lemme be delusional please! XD
everything happened so fast. And now I'm writing this at my home in Malaysia.. e.e but I feel like I met them just a while ago...I refuse to go back to reality. T.T


Tuesday, August 11, 2015 | 2:41 AM | 5 comments

hola~ it's been a while. :D
hahahahaa so I'm back here to write something about this 15yearsoldbabyREO~ LOL thanks Fai for that nickname.

I watched Asian battleground competition on TV last few days and was rooting for Japan team. I support our local team as well but unfortunately they didn't manage to compete in final round. The final round was a battle between Japan team and Taiwan team. It was such a breathtaking battle because both team were so great. To be honest I thought the team from Taiwan gonna win the battle... but not until REO did backflip and jump off the stage and continued dancing. Holy moly that's the most awesome move that night, I SWEAR! Well actually someone from Taiwan team did that backflip move first but I was awed by REO's move more than what that guy from Taiwan did. REO is just 15 years old please!! And he managed to do that at that age...seriously...it's awesome mannn! and REO really caught my eyes that night. He stole my heart to be exact. At that moment I really really want him and his team to win the battle.

The battle ended and they did it! Japan team won the battle with 3 votes, 1 vote more than the Taiwan team. You know what? The judge from Japan voted for Taiwan team. Lol! but the other 3 judges were amazed by REO and team..so.. hahahahaa The show ended and I congratulated them on twitter. I didn't know their twitter at that time. So I just wrote something like congratz Japan with the hashtag #asianbtg2015. Hahahahaa >_< Few minutes later, someone followed my twitter. I was like... who is this guy? Dare? dare? So I checked his profile... SHOOT!! THIS IS THAT KID FROM BEAT SOLDIER STRONG! Seriously..I was like..what's this? Did he accidentally follow my Twitter or... LOL! I didn't think of anything else except he must have accidentally follow me. Yeah... I'm sure.

But it's just...ughhh can you imagine?? That OMG moment when someone that you adore, follow your twitter first? It's like...it's not you who follow your idol first, but it's your idol who follow you first! MIND BLOWN! LOL After get followed by REO... I didn't spazz like usual on that account cuz it's just...AWKWARD(?) Lol! OK. see.. this situation is like when idol follow your twitter.. you don't want to flood his timeline with your spazzing stuff cuz he might get annoyed with your spazz. right? No? Hahahahaa But at that time I believe he gonna unfollow me later when he's on twitter. HAHAHAHAHAA

The next day, I checked my follower list and REO is still following me. Then I decided to DM him to tell him that he might be accidentally follow my twitter... with hope that he will unfollow me when he read that message. Few hours later, he tweeted something.. and I'm waiting for his reply. He replied.
So I thought he gonna unfollow me after that... but few hours passed...a day passed...and he's still following me until today. Not to be delusional... but I started to think that he's not accidentally follow me but willingly follow me. LOL! XD

I know he's not an idol but just a normal 15 years old kid... so there's no need to spazz over him. Hahahahaha yes REO ain't idol but he's a dancer. At least people who do dance or a fan of hip-hop dance around the world know him. He's well known. He's almost at the same level as an idol. So who am I to get followed on twitter by him. I'm not even related to him. I don't even do dance. LOL! So... yeah...feeling special to be in his following list. Lol (I still feel that he gonna unfollow me when I'm writing this tbh) 

When I decided to write a post about REO...I have no idea on what I should write. Then my friend suggested me to write 101 reasons why I like REO. XD lol I just know him few days ago though. I need to go to Japan and befriend with him to make that "101 reasons why I like REO" list. XD hahahaa but anyway I do have few reasons why I like REO.
1. He's like the leader during the battle. I'm not sure who is the leader in Beat Soldier but he looks like he has leadership value in him.
2. He can dance very well. Remember that backflip moment where he jump off the stage and continued dancing confidently.. that's cool! ( VIDEO HERE )
3. He is cute. I believe he'll be a good looking guy when he grow older. Lol
4. He's a specky kid. Hahahahaa I can easily fall for a guy who wear glasses... so...yeah.. Hahahaa
5. He's awesome. He won few battles...inside and outside Japan. Cool right?
6. His smile is so cute. hahahahahaa kawaii kid is kawaii
7. He's not so tall... kawaii much. Hahahaha
8. He has nice eyebrows.. lol 
hahaha just scroll his INSTAGRAM je lah wehh~ lol
Lastly... I like him more when he follow my twitter. Lol XD
oh! he is the first year student in Tokai University Urayasu High School (it's a school under Tokai Uni. management) in Chiba. 

lemme introduce the 4 members of Beat Soldier~
this was taken when they're here~ from the back: K@I, Takumi, LEO (I call him REO instead), Oozora. idk who is that uncle wearing white shirt. one of the kid's father maybe~
tbh i fall for oozora at first. but after I saw REO and his backflip move...I can't help but to fall for him~ lol

one of the cute yet cool thing REO did~ 
he's the one in black shirt please~ not the white shirt one..lol


Interpreter bidan terjun #1
Thursday, May 28, 2015 | 12:57 AM | 1 comments

It was semester break but for some reasons, I didn't go back to Perlis. There's a global cooperation program between Daegu Uni. and my university at that time and I'm not the participant. ha ha ha ha I'm not qualified to participate in such program please...//I'm not that smart// but I accidentally became the interpreter for the program. lol actually my friend asked me to help him because he said the Korean students in his group can't really speak English. So, at first...supposedly, I have to help my friend's group...but I ended up be the interpreter for other groups as well. ha ha ha ha ha my level is way far from the interpreter level but I tried my best to help. lots of things happened and I learn new things too. It's such a good experience.

failed gwiyomi pose

Me as an interpreter....hmmmm actually it's so sudden. Seriously. ha ha ha ha One fine day, I was having my lunch...but suddenly my friend asked me to come to the campus and help him to translate something. kesian pulak mereka macam ayam dengan itik berkomunikasi. language barrier make things hard sometimes. So I decided to go and give a hand.

I walked to the campus...feeling kinda nervous...mind went blank...adrenaline rush...I hate that. ha ha ha ha ha~~ while waiting for my friend outside the lab...few Korean students passed by. I was like...fuiyo! oppa~ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lamunan terhenti. My friend came and took me to his group's discussion room. I entered the room awkwardly....ha ha ha ha ha then I introduced myself and the group continue doing their work and discuss about the new sustainable product that they wanted to invent. The task sounds complicated for me. Glad that I was just the interpreter there..lol

My friend's group (apparently my group as well)

Then, a professor came into the room. I was like..dang! what to do? I'm pati (illegal immigrant) here!! lol iya lahh... I was there because of my friend's personal request. The lecturer in charge doesn't even know about my existence there. The professor looked at me and he's like who are you?... ha ha ha~ My friend then explained why I was there. LOL I freaked out for no reason. The professor said it's ok for me to be there since I'm helping his student.

Tea time. Everyone came out from their discussion room to get some refreshment. I stayed in the room. Minsoo also stayed. We had a short conversation while waiting for others. Suddenly, Minsoo's friends came in...Minsoo introduced me to his friends and I greeted them. Funny thing was... I only said Annyeonghaseyo...but those guys were like..OMG YOU SPEAK KOREAN...and I was like... he he he he yes..I learn Korean so I can speak a little. Then, one of the guy went out to call his friends and suddenly there's more Koreans in front of the room. It's crowded. LOL I was like...WHAT'S GOING ON?? I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS. feeling like a celebrity for a second. ha ha ha ha I believe they're just curious. They wanted to see who is that girl who speak their language. So yeah...I speak their language...I greeted everyone..introduced myself...and they went OMG THIS IS GREAT. PLEASE COME TO OUR ROOM. WE NEED YOUR HELP. lol I never thought that myself is so important to them. rofl!

The brainstorming session ended. Each group presented their ideas in front of their professor but that's not the end when I thought it was. They need to discuss about the prototype summore. So, I stay with the group until 11pm. I though I just need to be the interpreter for that day only but Yuhye asked me to come again the next day. She really need me, she said. ha ha ha Yuhye is so cute..she's younger than me. So I treat her like my younger sister. x)


To be continue... ha ha ha ha 
Tuesday, May 26, 2015 | 4:25 PM | 0 comments

今日は!^^konnichiwa hi hello sawadikaa~ lol

No. I'm not gonna write a nihongo post even though the title of this post is nihongo in nihongo. lol

Nihongo. My nihongo is not so good even though I've been learning nihongo (properly) for a year and half. dame dame~

actually, I love nihongo ever since I was born! LOL no. that's just a lame joke. I started to have interest in nihongo and all those Japanese thingy since 2006 which is when I was 15. The starting point (tudia ayat) is when my brother showed me a video clip of L'arc~en~ciel (nak senang..sebut LARUKU). It was Stay Away pv. I swear the song is so cool and it's the cool music video I've ever seen (at that time). I became a fan of laruku after that. Then, brother showed me video clip of Morning Musume...and I became a fan of them too. At that time, I thought...to be able to sing along to their songs, I need to know their language...but there's no internet at home and lack of source to learn the language. So, I just learn nihongo from the songs and anime as well. I still remember how I spent few hours to write the lyric of Niji Iro ni Hikaru Umi (tantei gakuen Q ost) in romaji. I really love that song but yeah...there's no internet..so, how to search for the lyric? that's why I tried my best to romanized it. hahahaha *fefeling proud*

iroirona koto ga arimashitakedo...dipendekkan cerita*

After two years of struggling, finally we have internet connection at home! YATTA!
and the first thing that I search on the internet was "ARASHI". LOL! because I have a classmate who love Arashi and she always told me how kakkoi Arashi is. yeap, they're meccha kakkoi! I became fan after I do some research about them on the internet. ha ha ha

Back to nihongo... learning nihongo became easier since I can simply look up on the internet about anything. and.....I learn nihongo by myself for 2 years but it's still not so good. really not so good. I just know the basics! like...common sentences for various scenario that are used in daily life, hiragana, katana...and that's it. I stop learning nihongo when I entered matriculation college. That was in 2009.

Then, in 2013...when I was in university, it is compulsory to take the third language course and I chose Japanese language (nihongo). I was so happy at that time because it's like FINALLY I CAN LEARN NIHONGO PROPERLY! and I happily attend the class every week~ but to be honest, the class for level 1 & 2 were a little bit boring to me. why? because basically, I already learnt (self-learning) all the things that the sensei going to teach in the class..but deep inside, I was still happy to be in the class. even though I already know all the syllabus for that two levels, I can at least brush up my nihongo. So, I don't mind learning it again. It's fun anyway cuz the advantage of it was...I always get highest marks for the test~ *sedikit riak disini..dame dame!* ha ha ha...and for level 3, most of the things in the syllabus were new to me. So, the class was getting interesting. but unfortunately, the language course is until level 3. To be better in nihongo...I need to learn more than that..those 3 levels are just not enough...but because I also learn Korean language at that time, I didn't focus on my nihongo at all. and that's why it getting worse...

It's been a year since the last time I learn nihongo... when I watch Japanese show/drama without the subtitle...it's kinda frustrating. I can understand Korean well...even when I watch the Korean show without the subtitle, I still can understand it. So, the I-NEED-TO-BE-GOOD-IN-NIHONGO kind of feeling just strike me! ha ha ha ha ha and the feeling is getting stronger as I'm listening to japanese songs while I'm writing this. (笑)

jya! benkyou hajimaruzo! nihongo no tame ni..hontouni ganbaranakya! fighto!

*gambar sekadar hiasan*

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Late night post...
Sunday, May 24, 2015 | 3:38 AM | 2 comments

Hello again~
I have no particular thing to post but here I am...trying to write something //cuz i can't sleep// orz

Oh, lately I am like ignoring (somehow more like abandoning) KPOP and stuff...
just because I am back to JPOP. lol actually I can't focus on too many "POP" in a time. If I am so into KPOP, I can't focus on JPOP or MPOP or CPOP or POPYEYE (ok yg ni tipu) etc..
and currently I am so into GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE (panjang nau nama)..and Da-iCE...yeah JPOP.

come to think of it, I know Da-iCe way earlier than GENERATIONS but at that time I was head over heels with KPOP. So, Da-iCE was just like a CF/CM that came out during commercial break. (tak agak2 statement)... and how did I start to fall for them? from youtube...yes..last 3 weeks (i think so).. I was scrolling down my youtube subscription feeds...and just randomly played the latest upload from avex channel.. it was AAA's new song teaser.. and youtube recommended Da-iCE's new song, BILLION DREAMS. I was like...DANG! THIS SONG IS FREAKIN GOOD I SWEAR! *regret not trying to know them earlier* and so...the discovery session of  Da-iCE began!

from Da-iCE, youtube recommended GENERATIONS - EVERGREEN mv. so, I played the video and I was like... WHO IS THIS CUTE BUT NOT SO CUTE GROUP??..WHAT IS THIS...OMG THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE PINOY (that's Katayose Ryota)..OH THEY EVEN HAVE A FOREIGNER (that's Sekiguchi Mandy).. THIS GUY GOT NICE VOICE OMG (that's Kazuhara Ryuto).. GOSH HE IS SMALL SO CUTE (that's Sano Reo) *pedo mode* // so, that's how it happened. I played their PV one after another and finally I fall in love with that cute not so cute group. :3

funny thing was...ok, remember what I wrote earlier.. about the pinoy guy? yes.. they actually have one member who is half Filipino. he's the leader of the group, Shirahama Alan. lol Ryota is not pinoy even though I fall for him at the first sight because he looks like one...hahahaha actually when I saw Ryota for the first time, he kinda reminds me of Hideaki Torio (Aki), the member of XLR8 (filipino boyband). he's same like Alan...the japanese-filipino guy~ //kiyut duh Aki// hahahaha

oh! friends who followed my IG probably getting annoyed with my post..lol cuz all are GENERATIONS-related..hahahaha gomenne minna! tak berniat~ lol

jya~ goshokaishimasu! (meh nak kenalkan)

from left: Sekiguchi Mandy, Sano Reo, Kazuhara Ryuto, Shirahama Alan, Katayose Ryota, Nakatsuka Yuta, Komori Hayato

Da-iCE desu~
from left: Iwaoka Toru, Hanamura Sota, Wada Hayate, Ohno Yudai, Kudo Taiki
//nota kaki: dulu punya laa noob ya ampun...panggil mereka nii "the ice" rofl! nak sebut Da-iCE nii sebut macam sebut DICE (dadu)..//

this one is Aki, the japanese-filipino i mentioned before~ ahaha 
entah apa khabar Aki entah...hahaha XLR8 pun macam dah tak wujud~ last update tahun 2010..ahaha tapi layan jugak laa lagu mereka. Aki nii takde laa sebijik macam Ryota.. Ryota reminds me of Aki cuz Ryota looks like a pinoy and Aki suddenly popped up in mind~ hahaha

Song recommendation: 
//lagu2 ni happy-happy punyer//

actually..all songs from both group are my jam! can't choose which one I like the best. ahahahaha 
but the one I recommended there...that's a kinda catchy song that might brighten up your day~ 

ok that's all for now...

HAPPY SUNDAY.. and goodmornight~ hahaha 
*they're just so adorkable! xD i can't*


[edits] icons
Sunday, May 10, 2015 | 12:19 AM | 1 comments

Finally a blog post after missing in action for almost 3 years! lol xD

So when I was browsing my Google+, I found few edits that I made years ago in the photo folder. hahaha it's kinda nostalgic though. looking at those edits...it really remind me of my teenage era~ *dah tua dah sekarang* haha I started using photoshop when I was 17 and if I'm not mistaken, I stop using photoshop when I was 19. *lol* at least I have 2 years experience! well, I really enjoyed editing the idol's photo *lol* I used to be very active in forum back then *started to miss those old days* ...and there's a section in the forum where the members of the forum showing off their skill on editing photo, making icon etc. I'm not excepted. I even became the designer for one of the forum that I joined. *smirk* 

*baahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaa* just realized that my editing skill is not that good. dulu bukan main rasa macam dah lawa dah semua2 tu...lmao xD


[ROMANIZATION] hey! say! 7 - salsa iina iine lyric
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 | 11:42 PM | 0 comments


sarusa iina sarusa
sarusa iine chu chu chu
minna ishouni odorou yo
Oh! sarusa

pokkari sukiyouni
uki uki na melody ga
manmaruyamato tongariyama ni
nagarette kita yo

dou yara machi dewa
takusan no hito bito ga
kira kira no sarusa wo odori
utatte itanosa

[korya nanjarouka? chotto maneshitemitara]

uha uha de manmaruyamano
ukki mo sarusa

sarusa iina sarusa
sarusa iine chu chu chu
minna ishouni odorou yo
Oh! sarusa

moratta bakari no banamabou kabutte
ukkimo bosuzarumo odoreya odore
sono toki deatta tongariyama no ruzato
banana wo hanbunko rabu rabu (love love) sarusa

[chotto mitsumeai botto akakunatte]

korekara to iu toki ni
dare da dare da

[keito] tongariyamakara yattekita
[yuto] kan kan no sarutachi ga
[ryutaro] yada yada ruiza wo tsuresatta
[chinen] sutakora sassa hoi sassa
[yamada] saa~ taihenda sore oikakero
[all] iza tongariyama

manmaruzaruto tongarizaru ga

odorouyo ruzza odorimashou ukki
kira kira no doki doki de rabu rabu (love love) sarusa

sarusa iina sarusa
sarusa iine chu chu chu
minna ishouni odorou yo
Oh! sarusa
credit to : hikarinomonogatari.blogspot.com

actually, i'd search for this lyric everywhere...but i couldn't find it~ so, I downloaded the video and...phew~ i'm glad that the video has the lyric...even though it's in japanese~ huhu~ then..i just romanize the lyric...with a lil bit knowledge about hiragana, katakana and kanji...i did it! hehe~ this is the first lyric that i romanized it by myself...
so, if u wanna take out the lyric from my blog and post it anywhere...proper credit is appreciated.

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